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What we offer


from 3'500€/h

4h flight

≈ 4 seats

Private jets are the key to an easy vacation departure and the perfect means of transport in the event of a meeting in another country!


Medium jet

from 8'000€/h

8h flight

≈ 9 seats

Medium Jets are perfect for large families or for a meeting in the air!

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Why choose us ?

We offer you something more!

Flying Plane

Speed is the key

No worries!

With YourJet, speed is the center of all action. You will not be disappointed with much shorter waiting times than our competitors.

Our customer relationships

At your service when you need it!

With quality in mind, we have enough experience to know how important it is to offer quality rentals, accompanied by real customer service. We are there for our customers whenever they need us. When you need help or advice on which product to choose, trust real professionals.

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To book

+ 41 79 122 94 82

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